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A little 411 on me.

About me

My backstory in 241 words.

I'm RC, a writer, designer, and developer. I invest my time and energy creating simple products that make life better.

My work keeps me staring at screens.

But I balance that out by spending time outside and away from tech whenever possible.

I've been a writer for most of my professional life. I've put food on the table as a journalist, freelance copywriter, and content strategist. I also taught myself how to develop apps and websites — to be more valuable to my clients.

This led to my work with startups and SaaS companies. I'm currently working at Slab, a knowledge hub for modern teams. In the past, I’ve worked with Imperfect Foods, Adobe, Perfect Keto, and Figma.

The SaaS world is where I invest most of my professional time to these days.

About my blog

I originally created this blog to purposely target keywords to build my online reputation to get contract gigs. The result? Articles devoid of any true passion or honesty.

That's a trap most people and brands fall into — they fear authenticity in their messaging. So, to practice what I preach I pivoted, and created
Code of Content.

Code of Content is filled with my ideas, theories, and experiences on how to build a business with purpose (focusing on content).

I don't pretend to have the answers. I don't promise a silver bullet. What I can guarantee is 100% transparency. And that's a step ahead of most.