How to work async – in seven steps

Take back your time with these seven steps toward true schedule flexibility. 

Here's how to take back your calendar and achieve true schedule flexibility:

  1. Add [placeholder] in the titles of all recurring meetings on your calendar
  2. Create a shared doc for these meetings and link to it in the calendar event
  3. Each week, use the event as a reminder for all parties to update the doc with pressing questions, concerns, news, etc.
  4. Allow time for everyone involved to review and respond to the doc (say, by the next business day)
  5. After everyone has reviewed and contributed, determine if you need to actually sync to clarify things. If so, schedule a new meeting (better yet, a Slack huddle) or wait until next week
  6. Rinse and repeat
  7. After two months, assess how often you needed to sync (note the word “needed” here). If the answer is less than 50% of the time, you’re ready to remove the event from your calendar (keep using the doc)

Congrats. You just took back a bit more of your time — the most precious thing we all have.

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How to work async – in seven steps